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Committed to helping
homeless and needy animals
in Washington County, Mississippi

For several years, there has been talk of a new county animal shelter.   Many people have asked what is being done in order to get this shelter up and running.   The Animal Welfare League (AWL) hopes to initiate fundraising in order to construct a new shelter.

A caring donor donated a tract of land some time ago for the purpose of building a facility to house and care for the many homeless animals in Washington County.   A new facility will eliminate the risk of animals suffering and possibly dying, as they have at the present shelter in Leland.    

It is our hope and mission that the Animal Welfare League can raise $800,000.00 to construct a building for the use to care for the homeless animals in Washington County.  This is going to be impossible without YOUR help.  We plan to hold fundraisers and take online donations, but we need the support of the community. 

Once completed, the volunteer's time can be spent caring for the stray cats and dogs.   The majority of the animals need medical care, and ALL of the animals MUST BE spayed or neutered BEFORE they will be allowed to leave the facility.  Volunteers then work to find them good, permanent homes.   There will be an end to the puppies freezing to death and even being stolen at the present facility.


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